[survivor's guilt]

from by Anthony Valentine



Your sun has scorched my mind – it’s nothing but a wasteland in here.
I will confess everything; I’ve longed for your touch – I’ve prayed for your rain.

Every second has become an eternity.
Ignorance was bliss, I’ll admit - I never knew that I was starving.

I’m just another motherfucker that’s been caught in the web;
woven by ever dream now dead. (I said)
I’ve been looking for the promise land; the Atlantis of the sand - nevertheless, it’s out of my hands and out of my reach now.
Every single word that I tried to preach only turned right around to point out my hypocrisy.

You caught my eye… you brought me to life just to watch me die.
I’ve become a vagabond. If home holds the heart, my heart is long gone.

I never thought it’d be so easy to unveil the darker parts of my humanity.
Is innocence lost in the thick of the plot or expelled by our own thoughts?
The only thing I want is what you took from me.


from Transfiguration, released February 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Anthony Valentine Louisville, Kentucky

Singer/Songwriter & Multi-Instrumentalist born 1996. All material is completely self-produced.

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